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K-pop GIFs! Get them while they're hot~!
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Hi! fayelafee here. :3

I like making gifs so if you want to request for one/several, just leave a comment in this post with a link to the video plus the exact time that you want captured.

My co-mods: bbgroove, xkimchi_ninja & legens_legentis

New gif-makers: adropofcitrus, kimm2, louta, undistanced & voyagecall

1. I encourage you to re-post the mediafire download links but please DO NOT HOTLINK the images themselves.
2. I'm not requiring anyone to credit but please point them to this community if somebody asks where you got the gifs. If a forum/community is requiring you to credit the source, then use kpop_gifs.
3. DO NOT TAG/WATERMARK THE GIFS and claim them as yours. >:[
4. You can freely discuss with the other members about anything under the sun but NO BASHING each other or the artists please.
5. Enjoy~!

Please watch/join/pimp this community!

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